Physical Therapy

At ReneauRehab you will find highly trained clinicians (PTs/PTAs) are at your service to provide quality care at each location. After an initial evaluation, these individuals will work with you to assist in your recovery process as well as help you reach your functional goals.

Aquatic Therapy

We at ReneauRehab know that certain conditions are best treated in a low-impact safe water environment, accelerating your recovery towards optimal strength and function without any fear of falling.

Aquatic therapy uses the water's buoyancy to support body weight. This helps reduce impact loading on the joints and muscles, reduce pain, and enable greater freedom of movement. Research proves that warm water also allows muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to injured areas which enhances outcomes.

The WF clinic is one of the only two in the area to offer a fully equipped heated pool with a lift chair, as well as highly trained clinicians to guide your program.

  • Patients do not need to know how to swim.
  • Bathing suit is not required.
  • Schedule appointments per your privacy requirements and comfort level

Work Hardening

This program is designed to return patients suffering from debilitating injuries back to pre-injury fitness and mental levels so that they may return to work safely and confidently.

It uses a multidisciplinary approach, meaning the patient would not only see a physical therapist, but also an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a vocational specialist, and a psychologist if needed.

This approach will assist the patient in all areas that may be affected after a life-altering injury that has caused them both physical and mental stress that could leave a lasting effect when attempting to return to work.

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Work Conditioning

This is a rigorous conditioning program focused on preparing the body to physically be able to complete the tasks required at work.

PT program will focus on improving an employee's strength, flexibility, and endurance to the point that they can safely return to the job they were performing before the injury.

The goals of a work conditioning program are to restore the patient's physical capacity and functional abilities, to prevent the recurrence of the same injury, and to decrease their fear of returning to work.